What can I say about her? I can say a LOT. In fact, I could write an entire series on this awesome-sauce person.

Aniqah is currently studying Neurosciences (with a concentration in Neurobiology) at Brock University.

She is, in her own words:

I’m not awesome. Ahahaha

I’m just a potato

Who likes to write

And wants to help people. 

Obviously, she is awesome. Not just awesome. TOO awesome. Not gonna lie, when I go anywhere, I start talking abut her like a proud parent.

Also, I AM the potato. She is the fabulous, golden french fry.

Her writing skills make me sound like a barbarian in comparison, and her passion to help people keeps her awake at night (usually I’m awake too, because she won’t stop pestering me if she’s awake).

She thinks. A LOT. Maybe even too much. Whereas I don’t think much – thus the birth of the name hippiehijabi. But what can she do when her brain is sprouting ideas that can change the world at any moment?! It’s an occupational hazard of being a GENIUS.


Okay. Let us continue.

Darn it Aniqah. Where do I even begin? So much awesomeness. You’re making this complicated for me.

Very recently, Aniqah was awarded with the prestigious 3M National Student Fellowship Award by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.


No ordinary person can receive this award.

So what exactly has she done that paved the path to this award?

Let me enlighten you.

[I’m going to warn everyone beforehand. It’s going to be a long list!:]


 Aniqah is the Founder of The ReConnect Movement,

the Co-Founder and Coordinator of BrockU Talks,

a National Youth Ambassador for Historica Canada

AND she serves as the eighth and youngest National Youth Ambassador to Passages Canada nation-wide.

Wait. I almost forgot. She is also the Media Relations Manager and Co-coordinator of The Hijab Project 


Some other accomplishments include:

Foundations in Leadership Peer Facilitator
Brock University

Vice-President (2014-2015)
Brock Leaders Citizenship Society

Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) Recipient
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

Let me list a FEW of her Honors & Awards:

3M National Student Fellowship Award of Canada
2 Billion Under 20 Induction
Golden Key International Honours Society Member

Most Innovative Group – BrockTalks, awarded by Brock University Student Leadership and Community Experience
Invitational Youth Speaker at the Christian-Muslim Forum of Canada
Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Award
Brock University Scholars Award

Basking in the glory that is Aniqah Zowmi.

Some of her publications:

X Culture Magazine

We the Youth: The ReConnect Movement

Things your jeans – and your waistline – don’t tell you
FIERCE Magazine

Miss World?
FIERCE Magazine

My Moments of Gratitude – (re)connect
My Moments of Gratitude

So they say: exploring common phrases, their meanings and how they first came to be.
KidsWorld Magazine

I know. Your mind is blown. I can’t believe how amazing she is either. And I talk with her every single day.

IN ADDITION (Wait. There’s more??!):

Aniqah is a member of the Brock Rowing team. She’s found her niche as the Coxie – the loudmouth that sits in the front.

“It’s cause I stand at a staggering 5’3″ that I can’t row properly…” – something she says. Often.

She’s been swimming for 13 years, and has her Bronze Cross certification from the National Lifesaving Society.


at least if she falls out she’s good to go

Naziyah Mahmood (Awesome Muslim #2) has got some competition!

Aniqah is also destined to become a Princess. (any Princes reading this, I will give you the chance to make her acquaintance) Thus my nickname for her – #princessbosswoman. It’s a long story.

I understand completely if your mind is having a hard time trying to process how wonderfully talented and driven this individual is.


She is only 19, and look at the amount of things she has accomplished! Can you imagine what she could do in another 10 years?! I’m not psychic, but you can bet it’ll be – you guessed it – AWESOME! (I realize my vocabulary is pretty limited.)

For in-depth info on all her work and her awards, please visit


For more of her writing, check out her blog here:

And you can just google her for everything else because I am exhausted after trying to pick and choose examples of her amazingness. This took hours to edit. THERE WAS TOO MUCH AWESOME TO CONSIDER.




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