Omar Al Bach is a young Canadian I wanted to write about because his skills and courage to do what others would hesitate to do makes him – you guessed it – AWESOME!

He just turned 19 but the valuable advice he dispenses shows that he gets the important things in life. Like:


Keep his advice close to your heart. Nutella, guys. You feel me? I know you do. If you don’t, what have you been doing with your life?


You might have heard of a social experiment that went viral and caught the attention of the media. I’m speaking about this video:

First, let us pray that the innocent victims of the Ottawa shootings may rest in peace. 

This video means a LOT to me.

When I heard about it, I didn’t want to watch it because I was afraid of what I was going to see. I was not sure that people would side with the Muslim in the experiment.

But, I was so wrong (as usual -_-)

Shame on me for not believing in Canadians, and their exemplary character and behaviour. This video solidified my love for Canadians and what they stand for. I knew I did not need to feel like I was in danger or like I was an outsider anymore. So thank you for that, Omar Al Bach (and his friends in the video! Sorry about the punch though), I’m sure I am not the only one whose perspective was changed.


Due to the immense popularity of his video, Omar was interviewed by several TV stations and Newspapers. Here’s a guy who is breaking down stereotypes and prejudices like a BOSS! (and you know he’s a kindred spirit because he loves Nutella).

He is also an activist who fights for various other causes. He has many other videos on youtube where he showcases his funny side, as well as his serious side.

Omar is an example for the rest of us lazy people to put our skills to good use and achieve solid results.


Rather than simply making empty statements, Omar is actually going out and doing things to prove this statement and make his point! This is what we need to do people. Use our skills to show what Islam really represents. His goal is to change how Muslims are portrayed and influence others positively.

And I say he’s been doing exactly that.


Omar is a York University student (small world indeed) who is majoring in Health Management, but will be switching to Film, Media, and Communications. Just look at his youtube page to see why that decision should not come as a surprise 🙂

You can keep in touch with Omar via

youtube –

facebook –

twitter –

aaaannnd Instagram –

Thank you for your permission to use your pics, videos, etc in this post. I hope you are successful in everything you do. Keep on being awesome!


Level of Awesomeness: In his own words – The name’s Al Bach. Omar Al Bach.


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